New Market in Monteverde


Design team:
2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo)
Francesco Librizzi Studio

The New San Giovanni di Dio Market is envisioned as a large public facility that, thanks to its strategic location between Monteverde, Villa Pamphili, and the Trastevere district, shifts its significance from a neighborhood market to an intervention on an urban scale. Conceived as a true public space of the city, the New Market is a structure capable of absorbing part of the energy and collective life that emerges from the neighboring districts and neighborhoods of the city. With the aim of creating a spacious and welcoming environment, the new market has been designed as a building on two levels. This strategy ensures the possibility of simultaneously addressing the needs of both the market and the nearby urban public space. In fact, by reducing its ground footprint, the project allows for the inclusion of cycle-pedestrian paths, a new bus stop, a direct connection to the tram stop, a system of diversified parking, and all the logistical areas of the market within the square area.