Circo Minimo


Design team:
2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo)

In 1985, within the framework of the Testaccio Laboratory, under the Department of Historical Center of Rome led by Carlo Aymonino, a Master Plan for the neighborhood was drafted. The proposal was to create a long green space in the competition area that houses a football field, enclosed by buildings for artisan workshops and a square open to Via Marmorata.
This idea of a green space, of a field, leading from Monte dei Cocci to Via Marmorata, is at the core of our proposal. A large public park capable of recreating urban continuity that has long been seeking a solution in that area. A Circo Minimo, a multifunctional public space that leverages the slopes in the area and, like Piazza di Siena, is capable of organizing elevation changes like a natural system of terraces, stairs, and access ramps.
The ellipse of the Circo is organized on three different levels, each hosting different sports and recreational activities: a football field, basketball and volleyball courts, and bocce and tennis courts.