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Matteo Ghidoni

Matteo Costanzo
Kersten Geers
Francesca Pellicciari
Giovanni Piovene
Giovanna Silva
Pier Paolo Tamburelli

pupilla grafik/Salottobuono

Krystina Stermole


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San Rocco S.n.c.

San Rocco is a magazine about architecture that is published three times a year on specific themes.

It is the result of a collaboration between 2A+P/A, baukuh, Stefano Gra- ziani, office kgdvs, pupilla grafik, Salottobuono and Giovanna Silva, and it draws upon a vast network of collaborators.

San Rocco was launched in September 2010 in Venice, Italy, on the occasion of the Biennale di Architettura.

San Rocco approaches architecture in an eminently simple way, which is to say, writing about buildings, drawings, projects, and built or drawn ideas from all over the world without necessarily needing to follow the latest cultural trend.

The topics addressed in each issue are discussed with freedom and a delicate sense of irony, with ingenuity and/or bravery as well as extreme precision, and without placing any stress on philological accuracy.

The people who write for San Rocco come from around the world and are among the most stimulating architects, critics and theorists of our time.