• Rotunda

    PUBLIC SPACE AND BANK, WARSAW, POLAND - 2013 DESIGN TEAM: 2A+P architettura (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo) The Rotunda stands in the very city center of Warsaw in the middle of a public square which can be considered the head of the pedestrian commercial axis. The proximity of an important infrastructure system let us to consider the Rotunda as a special part of this system: a new cultural and commercial node where people can rest, wait and socialize. For this reason the project intends to transform the building into a sort of Urban Center where visitors can get information about the city, its history and cultural attractions. Rotunda is a historical buildings which express important values for the citizens. The proposed project aims to turn it into a contemporary and attractive landmark, thanks to the design of a high quality restyling of the whole architecture, the development of a multifunctional program of activities and the addition of a performative equipment of innovative technologies.