• Tor Sapienza Masterplan

    MASTERPLAN, ROME, ITALY - 2015 DESIGN TEAM: 2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo) Tor Sapienza is an area that needs to be reconsidered. The idea behind the project is to try, through a densification process, to re-establish a new balance in the whole area. The present condition is that of a strong separation between the intervention of social housing, called Morandi, and the historical township of Tor Sapienza. Today work in Tor Sapienza is not just an occasion to evaluate again the value of the modern city, its possibilities, its failures, but it is the chance to search for a new way to specifically target its limits, that is, on those elements that separate it from the rest of city. In this sense, the project intends to work on the strip of services that runs along the axis of Avenue De Chirico. Right now this road is considerably oversized, thus it can be reduced, recovering surface to densify the neighborhood through the insertion of new public functions and social houses.