Alternative History


The exhibition asked architects from the present to imagine a collaboration with ones from the past. They ask to use the historic selected drawing as the seed for a design presented in a physical model.
The assigned drawing for us was “La calda vita” by Aldo Rossi, a sketch for a student house in Trieste

2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo)

The exploration commenced with an in-depth analysis of a drawing by Rossi created for the 1974 competition project for the student house in Trieste, intriguingly titled “The Warm Life.” Our investigation focused on discerning recurring elements within Rossi’s architectural oeuvre, particularly in his early works from that era. We meticulously gathered fragments explicitly present in the Trieste drawing or evoking its essence, juxtaposing them with elements from other contemporary projects by Rossi.

Gradually, the drawing evolved into more than a mere representation; it transformed into a distinct project, a composite of fragments drawn not only from its original context but also from other drawings in Rossi’s body of work. This metamorphosis turned the drawing into a vibrant, colorful object reminiscent of ceramics. Each scrutinized element took on a distinct identity, forming a cohesive whole akin to a still life. The composition unfolded with a structured base and a grid, giving rise to discernible vertical shapes that collectively breathed life into this intricate assemblage.