ADS10 Savage Architecture
Royal College of Art

Studio Tutors:
Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo, Francesca Romana Dell’Aglio & Davide Sacconi with Cristobal Garcia Herrera

Since 2017 ADS10 explores the idea of Savage Architecture – an architecture that is not mere shelter and comfort, nor display and reproduction of wealth, but rather the material and symbolic basis of the human necessity to come together and engage in collective rituals.

Savage Architecture occurs when need gives away to possibility, when sheer survival turns into will to power, when the individual reproductive life acquires a collective dimension and a representation in the public sphere, becoming an instrument for political change.

ADS10 looks for those cracks of reality where collective subjects can resist the all encompassing logic of economy by carrying out alternative forms of life. Working at the intersections of an anthropological gaze, political thought, construction techniques, ecological strategies and curatorial practices, we practise a research and design method that aims at empowering these collective subjects. We seek to produce an architecture that gives concrete substance to struggles and ideas for other possible worlds.