Spring Week in Ghent



The Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas is working each year on an annual project ‘Spring week’ where all the students of architecture and interior architecture from the Bachelor degree are working together in groups of 4 to 5 students creating an inspiring project. This year this workshop week is starting on Monday the 27th of March and will end on Thursday the 30th of March. A total of 800 students will be joining this challenging exercise working day and night to achieve a satisfying result.

We are guest tutors together with Liene Jakobsone / Sampling, Florian Beigel / Philip Christou, Paolo Carpi / baukuh, Marie Jose van Hee, Paul Robbrecht, Konstantinos Pantazis / Point Supreme, Sara Noel Costa de Araujo / sncda

The end result of this week will be a 120m long scale model (scale 1:10) that will be standing in the hallway of the abbey. This model will show the variation and richness of connecting different ideas in one ‘endless street’.