• Misunderstandings

    DESIGN TEAM: 2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo) with Luca Galofaro and Davide Sacconi

    The encounter between CAMPO and Le FRAC Centre of Orleans produced MISUNDERSTANDINGS, a project which, addressing one of the most important archives of architectural experiments worldwide, opens a reflection on the operative value of museums and collections of architecture. Approaching Le FRAC Centre’s collection less with the cultural diligence of the curator than the amateur curiosity of the architect, CAMPO discards the traditional monographic, typological or historical readings, to adopt a looser and unconventional framework that pairs human emotions and architectural principles. Fear/Structure, Hope/System, Nostalgia/Form and Surprise/Limit are the four binocular lenses through which we looked at the collection as a living material that can be studied but also manipulated to reflect on the contemporary condition.