Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

We are glad to be part of the upcoming 서울도시건축비엔날레 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism inside the “City Exhibition” with the research project “Rome East. A city of collective rituals” developed together with Davide Sacconi. The research is enriched by “Fragments of a Plan” a selection of 16 plans of Rome curated with Gabriele Mastrigli and photographed by Giulio Aleandri.

The 8th of September the project will be discussed in a round table organized by Italian Cultural Institute of Seoul with Luca Montuori (Urban Planning Department of Rome), Matteo Costanzo (2A+P/A), Chun Jinyoung (Myongji University of Seoul) and Marco Bruno (Motoelastico).

The City Exhibition
7 September — 10 November 2019
Donuimun Museum Village
Building D L3

Round Table
8 September 2019, 3 PM
Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture
Archive Room (B2)