13th Venice Biennale – Sanrocco Collaborations and Books of copies

San Rocco presents the Call for Papers for issue nr. 6 “Collaborations”. Inside the frame of the XIII Biennale, the Call for Papers takes the form of a large table collecting objects that expose and reflect on collaborations in architecture. Architects and artists contributed to the table exposing the products of their previous collaboration or producing new objects referring to collaborations in the architecture of the past.

San Rocco has been also invited to contribute to the Museum of Copies, the show presented by FAT (London, UK) at the 13th International Architecture Biennale. San Rocco contributes by launching the “Books of Copies” project. The “Books of Copies” project is a collection of images taking the form of a library and online database. “Books of Copies” comprise images that can be copied in order to produce architecture. As such, “Books of Copies” are receptacles of a collective form of knowledge provisionally called “Architecture”.

From August 29th to November 25th 2012 at. Preview August 27th and 28th.